We are pleased to announce that book two has been published and is ready for purchase! Tennessee Valley Publishing

Barely two weeks after the end of school, eleven-year-old Evan Mace has his summer of exploration interrupted by a colorful group of senior citizens from Indiana who come to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Along with his best friends, Mica Habber and Charu Roundtree, Evan has been tapped to spend a week as a helper for this unique cast of characters which includes: Tank and Tootsie Rogers, Bugle M. Spray ("Bug"), Neal Nozeworthy, Ms. Polly Poutway, and others. Thrown into this mix is the community bully who's supreme purpose is to make life miserable for Evan and his friends.
Evan, Mica, and Charu are still trying to come to grips with a magic stick which responds to Evan's wishes. In this Stickboy adventure, THE STICK helps foil a bank robbery, assists in catching a thief who is preying on visitors to the Park, and helps Evan contend with his unrelenting enemy, Moose Meckel.
Once again, the Hickory Creek Cove community springs to life in ways that are both funny and mysterious. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for another thrilling ride!

Almost forty years of Mary Faith Enyart's life have been spent as a resident of East Tennessee and the Knoxville area. As a retired elementary teacher, Ms. Enyart has an enduring love for children. She also has a great appreciation for the natural splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Along with her husband David-the illustrator of this book-she spends much time hiking and picnicking in the Park.

Kids will love it!
(P.S. Adults will too!)